AMIKA PROJECTS Fire Safety is a professionally managed company under the leadership of in the Fire Protection Industry for the last 5 years, AMIKA PROJECTS Fire is looking to build a Fire Free world. Amika Fire Safety Pvt. Ltd is a venture wherein experts from the industry of Fire, Oil, IT, Telecom & Gas have combined their skills in the quest to make the world a safer place to live. Data loss and downtime are two of the most costly problems that can affect a business. A fire in a computer center, transformer room or some other critical area can have enormous consequences and result in long periods of downtime. Therefore, in many cases these rooms are protected with automatic gas extinguishing systems.

Install a working smoke alarm on every level of your home, outside sleeping areas, and inside bedrooms.

Replace smoke alarm batteries once every year. Always stay in the kitchen when cooking. Stand by your pan!

Know how to escape if there is a fire in your home. Have a plan and practice it with your family. .

A smoke alarm’s warning can cut the risk of dying from a fire in your home by almost half.

Fire Protection System Installation

As experienced firefighting contractors in India, Damia Global Services provides services from designing fire pumps, hydrants, sprinklers, fire suppression systems, MVWS, HVWS & Fire alarm systems to commissioning trustworthy firefighting & Fire protection system. We have been in this field for a long and aware of the modern firefighting contractor services in India and equipment required to ensure safety for industrial/commercial/residential houses and large manufacturing units.



Proper working fire alarms helps in alerting the people in your building to a fire or an emergency. At Damia Global Services.we offer fire alarm system designed with total integration capability to meet your business needs.Get fire alarm system today to help keep your facility and employees protected at all times. We design and installed Alarm systems as per state building safety guidelines to meet you compliance.Advanced setups of addressable fire alarm systems provide single-point detection and more programming freedom. The detection and notification devices are all interconnected. Additionally, each instrument is directly connected to the main addressable fire alarm control panel, which is continuously exchanging data at a rapid rate to test each instrument’s operation. The control panel keeps track of each connected device’s sensitivity level. The control panel will alert you to an issue if a device does not respond for whatever reason. This enables the specialists from the fire alarm maintenance company to travel right away to the troubleshooting area.


A fire extinguisher can prove your best friend in case of fire. At Damia Global Services. We take care of all fire extinguisher installation. inspection, repair, and replacement to businesses throughout North India. We help you choose the best quality fire extinguishers for your facility from the best manufacturers such as Atasee, Case Fire, Safex, Omex, and Agni. We will also give you training.

  • All types of fire Extinguisher refilled, serviced and pressure tested.
  • AMC / maintenance service contracts of All Systems (Fire Extinguisher / Hydrant System / Alarm System
  • We Provide Training / Demonstration to our Clients to use Fire Extinguishers in an emergency
  • No unbudgeted work undertaken without your approval
  • Professional and efficient service
  • Full Service / Survey report of Fire extinguisher with All Necessary details required
  • Our Priority is Customer / Client Satisfaction with our Service
  • Service & Quality is the Strength of Fire Systems
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    Fire suppression typically presents itself using fire suppression systems designed to extinguish the fire at the source and prevent spread. A fire suppression system is any product designed to stop a fire from growing and spreading. Fires can be extinguished, kept under control, or potentially avoided by using fire suppression systems. Typically they are activated by heat, smoke, or a combination of both.

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