Public address system

Public address system

Whether it’s an emergency broadcast to evacuate your premises, a promotion you want to share, or regular daily in-store announcements, our public address (PA) systems let you clearly communicate with your audience (for instance citizens, students, customers, or staff)PA systems allow you to mix live or pre-recorded announcements in your daily business operations as well as in emergencies. Designed to help your organization keep people safe and secure and improve operational efficiency, a PA system from Axis ensures clear, efficient communication whenever you need it. Plus, 2-way audio talk-back enables conversations with people near the speaker. Ideal for both paging a specific person or place as well as delivering voice messages to multiple zones, this scalable and flexible system connects to the standard network to give you all the benefits of network audio.

No need for dedicated audio cables.

A single network cable for power, connectivity, and audio (PoE).

Multipurpose usage .

A system and sound you can trust .


Multipurpose usage

From schools and retail stores to hotels and public buildings, our PA systems are designed to suit a wide range of applications and purposes. You can effectively issue live, scheduled, or triggered messages, in regular daily operations, emergency situations, or to deter unwanted activity. These solutions are easy to integrate with other systems such as video surveillance, access control, VoIP, and many more. Furthermore, the same PA system can be used to play background music helping to create ambiance and increase visitor satisfaction.

A system and sound you can trust

Our network audio solutions connect to standard IP networks and can be controlled centrally. This means it’s possible to perform testing, maintenance, and troubleshooting from remote locations, saving you time and money. And our IP speakers include preconfigured digital sound processing to ensure optimal sound quality in any environment. Built-in microphone enables remote testing allowing you to proactively check that your system, audio devices, and speakers are working – without potentially costly site visits to check. So, whether it’s needed for emergencies or regular daily operations, you can always rest assured your system is fully functional and ready whenever you need it..


Emergency notifications

Ideal in emergencies such as extreme weather or natural disasters, Axis PA systems can help save lives. They can be used to issue live or prerecorded messages so you can deliver warnings and guide people to safety with up-to-the-minute evacuation information. With support for 3rd party integration, the PA system can also be connected to, for example, an earthquake detection system or other early-warning systems so you can inform the public as soon as possible.

Automated reminders

Using scheduled, prerecorded messages, Axis PA systems can help you enforce social distancing on your premises. For instance, you can deliver friendly reminders asking people to follow physical distancing restrictions or to wash their hands regularly. In retail environments this powerful solution can be supplemented with our people counting technology, allowing you to trigger audio messages and alert shoppers that the store is reaching capacity. This helps ensure the safety of staff and customers while increasing their comfort and satisfaction


Non-critical information

PA systems offer a simple, centralized way to issue paging, public address, guidelines, and regulations helping ensure efficient communication on your premises. You can deliver live, scheduled, or event-triggered announcements throughout the day in different zones. And it can be used to play background music or update visitors for instance with information regarding a promotion. By using instructional and informative voice messages you can help ensure your business is always running smoothly.

Crowd and traffic management

Help ensure the safety of your staff and visitors with live or pre-recorded voice messages to instruct people of potential danger and overcrowding. If large crowds have gathered in a specific area or if a building reaches capacity, voice messages can be used to help guide people ensuring their safety and comfort. PA systems can also be used to deliver up-to-the-minute instructions about traffic incidents as well as other verbal guidance to help manage traffic.


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