PAVA systems are installed within buildings where there is a need to provide clear concise spoken messages either for general day to day messages or in the event of an emergency to safely evacuate occupants. In an emergency situation such as a fire, it is essential that people are evacuated safely and in the shortest possible time.Electronic sounders and bells are commonly used as fire alarm warnings, however research has shown that people are less likely to panic when presented with a clear and easily understood message.

How does a PAVA system work?

PAVA systems are installed in buildings and linked to the fire detection system to provide clear communication for both general messages or in the event of an emergency to inform and safely evacuate occupants. PAVA system architecture is adaptable depending on the size and type of building and flexible enough to communicate to the entire building or zonally. System operators can activate or override the alarm to trigger specified messages to quickly and safely evacuate the building in the event of an emergency. Alternatively, in certain circumstances, operators can communicate other messages such as invacuation messages when it is necessary to get everybody inside and safe and secure the building

PAVA system is automatically monitored at all times. In the unlikely event that there is a problem, or a fault is detected, the PAVA system flags the issue at the appropriate point in the system. Our PAVA system also has an uninterrupted power supply so if the mains power supply is cut off, the system instantly transfers power input to backup batteries to ensure the system continues to operate without interruption, ensuring reliability when you need it most.



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